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Energy monitoring smartB

Energy monitoring smartB – the new generation of energy management

With the smartB software solution, Bilfinger delivers an innovative real time monitoring solution for energy management in companies. The tool carries out a detailed analysis of electricity consumption in your commercial real estate – all the way to the device level. The electricity consumption of the individual consumers thus becomes transparent and can, as a result of the automatic feedback from smartB, be continuously optimized.

In this way, smartB gradually improves energy efficiency and transforms sustainable actions into economic benefits. smartB is available for all standard end devices (e.g. personal computers or mobile end devices) and is thus ubiquitous for the user.

Ideally, a single "intelligent" meter can record the energy data of the building and, in real time, provide a clearly-structured, web-based dashboard. Energy savings are thus directly visible. The smartB software solution can be installed in your real estate property within a single day without interruption to the power supply and can lead to noticeable and measurable cost savings in the first weeks.

The key advantages of smartB at a glance: 

  • Transparency at a glance – through live visualization and comfortable dashboard
  • Intelligence through algorithms – data analysis and display of benchmarks and recommendations
  • Economic efficiency – through lower initial investments and optimizations
  • Climate protection with certification – recording and analysis of climate data and CO2 balance sheet 

Bilfinger would be happy to provide you with detailed information as well as informative graphics on the functionality of smartB. Please send us an email if you are interested or if you have any additional questions.


„With smartB, we have taken a giant step forward in terms of the transparency of our electricity consumption. We will now take advantage of the savings potential that has been discovered in order to reduce energy costs over the long term.“

Theo Mittag, BASF SE